Three Tips to Stay Positive on Court

Tennis is a very mental sport. With no shot clock, staying mentally tough will separate players of equal skill levels and allow them to come out on top. How often do you see a tennis player have a negative outburst and start to win a string of games? I am going to assume almost never. Unless you are a player that can turn a negative outburst into positive actions, being negative is a waste of energy and emotion. Often times, players will perform a negative outburst in between points causing them to not have enough time to calm down and think about the next point, resulting in a point lost.

Here are three tips to help you stay positive on the tennis court:

  • Envision the point you are about to play

Before you hit your serve or return, focus on thinking of what kind of point you want to play. This will allow you to play a more structured point and stick to the patterns that you enjoy. Envisioning the point will cause you to be calmer during it as well.

  • Positive self talk

Telling yourself that you “can” instead of “can’t” will give you more confidence on the court, and show your opponent that you are not going to give up. The moment your opponent sees negative self-talk and outbursts, they know whatever gameplan they have is working and that you have begun to give up mentally. The positive self-talk will allow for constant happy thoughts.

  • Imagine an end result  

Imagining an end result can provide players with motivation and fuel the fire to complete their desired outcome. If you can imagine beating your opponent, it will push you to want to beat them by any means possible.  Imagining actions or results when they seem to be out of reach, will give you more confidence and will help you be more successful.

Thank you for sticking around during our first week of posts here at The Tennis Prevision.  How do you stay positive on the tennis court?  Let us know in the comments below. Like and follow the blog for more posts on Mental Toughness.  

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