Two Competitive Drills To Make You More Aggressive on Court

Tennis, like many sports, includes offense and defense. There is a time to be offensive and a time to be defensive. A player can turn defense into offense with a well-timed counter shot. It is important to know when to be aggressive and when to be defensive.  However, some players have an aggressive playing style and should never go on defense unless forced. This post will provide some drills to play amongst your team and practice partners to make you a more aggressive player. If you can practice these drills correctly you will know when to attack next time you play a match.  

1: The Shooter Drill

This game will require two players. This is a live ball drill that can be played to 11 or 21 points. The two players will play a drop fed point from the middle of the court to determine who gets to be the shooter first. After this point, the game will start and the game will be played crosscourt until the shooter takes their shot. The shooter gets to be the player who changes the direction of the ball. Once the direction has been changed the point gets to be played full court. If you win the point- you remain as the shooter, if you lose- your opponent gets to be the one to change direction and ultimately dictate the point from the beginning.

2: Controlled Aggression Challenge

My good friend Daniel Bednarczyk showed my team and I a fun competitive challenge that will make you a hit a controlled aggressive ball. I enjoyed this challenge because it pushed my teammates and me to beat each other so we did not have to complete a punishment. This challenge will require at least 4 players and 2 brand new balls. The 4 players will be split up into two teams and each team will receive 1 brand new ball. The teams then have 2 minutes to wear the ball down as much as they can. The team that has the most worn down ball at the end of the two minutes wins. I’ll leave you a tip for this game- focus on hitting an aggressive ball down the middle and sprint to retrieve the ball so if you miss you do not get too far behind your opponents.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, if you think it will help, leave a like and a follow. Tis’ the season to improve your tennis game!

1 thought on “Two Competitive Drills To Make You More Aggressive on Court

  1. Insane, love it


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