How to Overcome Loneliness on the Tennis Court

Tennis can be a lonely sport. However, once at the college level, it can become a team sport. Even though you’ll have a team to cheer you on, you will still need to be your own biggest advocate on the court. Without positive self-talk, an established support base, and self-drive to perform you are bound to feel lonely on the court and suffer from it.

Talking to yourself on the court and be both good and bad for your game. Negative self-talk can cause you to lose a string of games and be detrimental to your performance, whereas, positive self-talk can push you to get a win. Negativity breeds failure, but positivity breeds success. You are not always going to have people cheer you on while playing tennis so it is crucial that you can learn to pump yourself up on the court. Let your opponent think your crazy, who knows it may get in their head. Remember if you cannot turn negative self-talk into something positive don’t do it all.

An established support base is critical to the success of any athlete. A support base can be your parents, coaches, friends, and teammates that support you. These are people that care about your success and growth as a person, will travel with you during your endeavors and have your back during your competitions. College tennis is nice because you should have an athletic staff that cares about you. If you do not I recommend thinking about transferring. Also, having good teammates during college tennis will ensure you have a family on and off the tennis court. Parents, coaches, and teammates can push you past your limits and keep your best interest in mind.  

If you have the self-drive to become a better tennis player then you will be able to overcome any loneliness you feel during your tennis journey. This self-drive will push you to achieve goals you did not think you could reach on the court with or without an established support base. Yes, a support base makes this journey much easier and more enjoyable but it is possible to temporarily overcome this feeling of loneliness through your own ambition.

Thanks for tuning in, and remember ‘tis the szn to get better on and off the court!

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