How To Make A Tennis Recruiting Video


Going through the recruiting process can be a stressful time. One important part of the recruiting process is creating a recruiting video. Every coach will ask to see one. As a high school player wanting to get recruited I had to make one and now as a college coach, I look at many recruiting videos to find the best fit for my team. This post will go into detail on what to include in your recruiting video to make it stand out and keep your intended viewer interested.

The first tip I can give is to keep your video UNDER 10 minutes. More times than not I will receive videos much longer than this and do not finish watching the video no matter the level of player. You can fit everything a coach needs to see in an 8-10 minute video.

The next thing I would advise is to introduce yourself at the beginning of the video. Make sure you do not state you want a full scholarship because I will likely stop watching the video. State information like your name, playing style, ranking, and upcoming tournament schedule.

You can fit a lot of content in an 8-10 minute video. Start with groundstrokes down the middle and cross-court then go into volleys. After volleys hit overheads and serve on both sides and finish up with point play. As a coach, I have realized I do not want to watch 30 minutes of match play. If it was in person that may be different.

Lastly, find a hitting partner that is going to push you and bring out your best in your recruiting video. It would not be a good idea to hit with someone who can barely make a ball. I find if you do this I will watch too many edits or too many short rallies where I cannot view your full potential.

I hope you all had an awesome holiday.

Now get back out on the court!

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