Tennis Spotlight: Stefan Bojic The FreeStyle Tennis Pioneer

I had the opportunity to interview Stefan Bojic, the Freestyle Tennis Pioneer from Serbia. Stef played Division One college tennis at Radford and St. Johns before becoming a popular tennis trick-shotter. Stef is known as the man of 100 serves. He is the most popular tennis trick-shotter in the world and started performing tennis trick shots in 2014. He has performed trick shots with many of the world’s best tennis players. He has gotten to travel to many tournaments around the world and collaborate with pro players. He is also known to interact with his fans on social media. Click here to see his trick shots on his Instagram Profile. 

Click Here to see a quick preview of what Stef does. 

Now let’s get started.

Tennis Background:

  1. How did you first get into tennis?

Stefan Bojic: “My older brother is 5 years older than me and got me into the sport.”

  1. How did you first get into tennis trick shots?

Stefan Bojic: “I started to do them after my college career in New York. I am working on my book that shares my story on how I got into it. Be on the lookout for that!”

Stefan’s Claim To Fame

  1. Did you ever think you would go viral?

Stefan Bojic: “I approached it as a project from the start. The truth is I am always working 2 years ahead of that idea. One thing becomes a routine and I start focuses on everything else.”

  1. What is your favorite trick shot that you have done and why?

Stefan Bojic: “I do not have a favorite trick shot, to be honest. The harder ones are the most satisfying. The basic concept of the trick shot is similar, you set a challenge for yourself and then you obtain it. When you obtain it you bring satisfaction. Through these new challenges, you grow and develop different skills”.

  1. What is it like getting to collaborate with top ATP and WTA players?

Stefan Bojic: “It has been a thrill for me. The guys who I have gotten to work with and become friends with are those who I admire greatly. It is the easiest part because I just need to teach them a little bit. It is an easy part of my job, but it is the most enjoyable part.”

  1. What was your most memorable moment in 2019?

Stefan Bojic: “In terms of tennis, being at  Wimbledon with Novak and watching him win the final was amazing. Wimbledon is a special place.”

  1. What does it mean to be a freestyle tennis pioneer?

Stefan Bojic: “It refers to the fact that I came up with trick shots involving the frame of the racquet. I wanted to rewire the perception of a tennis racquet and I did it using a formula using a creative process of dedicating a certain amount of time each day to experiment with a racquet and ball. When you put yourself in a situation where you have to be creative, things will emerge. I did not invent all of the tricks, but I made it presentable, interesting, and exciting. It was a very personal experience, and it was my approach to the tennis world. I try to find a way to play with a racquet that is not exclusive towards your opponent. Playing by yourself is a great way to practice coordination.”

  1. If you were to give advice to tennis players around the world, what would you tell them?

Stefan Bojic: “Set some goals at the beginning of each year and try to obtain them. Focus on the work and everything else comes. Prioritize things as well. If you are super focused, results will come. At some point, it isn’t about tennis, but the lifestyle that you can live with the sport. Endurance is key to that.”

I enjoyed mixing up the Tennis Spotlight this week with Stef Bojic. Think you can do any of his trick shots? Let me know which ones down below.

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